SHS students prepared a slam poem for Coffee House

Among a multitude of coffee house auditioners were sophomores Sarah McAtee, Emma Cooper and Trinity Cline-Smith. The poem they’ve chosen, “Somewhere in America”, was written by and originally performed by Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin and Zariya Allen at the slam poetry competition, Brave New Voices.

“Somewhere in America” covers a collection of societal issues, such as rape, poverty, and the lessons that students are taught inside and outside the classroom.

“We chose this poem because we’re all feminists…and love the ideas that it conveys,” Cooper said.

Aside from the points about feminism, the poem delves into gaps in the education system and problematic policies present throughout the United States.

“The poem is just very powerful and speaks about issues that people often avoid because it breaches uncomfortable barriers,” McAtee said.

The trio will go on in spite of anxiety they are experiencing. McAtee and her partners say that the experience can only help them grow, in an environment they hope will be relaxed and forgiving.

“I’m expecting Coffee House to be nerve-racking, honestly, because I have ridiculous stage fright,” McAtee said. “It makes my whole body shake, and has been part of why I’ve chickened out of Coffee House two times aside from now.”