Students performed a skit modeled off of a past SNL skit

The arrival of spring means it’s time once again for the semi-annual Coffee House, where the students of SHS showcase their gifts and abilities. There are many different performances every year, ranging from slam poems, to miniature concerts and occasionally a skit or two.

Seniors Eddie Drews, Brandon Grey, Jensen Smith, Jordan Sobiski, Nick Osborne and Benjamin Blake plan to put on a memorable skit. The skit is a parody of the game show Jeopardy, with each member playing a character.

In the fall, the group did a game of musical chairs that went over well with the crowd. According to Blake, they hope to improve on what they did last year and create an even more enjoyable skit.

“I’m really hoping that it will be better,” said Blake. “The group has put so much thought and effort into coming up with funny categories for the game and characters that we think the audience will enjoy.”

Blake described working with fellow group member Eddie Drews two or three nights a week on perfecting the skit and doing something that is fun and enjoyable. He hopes it can run smoothly and go over well with the crowd to give them something memorable.

The skit is about a month in the making, which provides much potential for the skit to be a hit. The idea worked well during Will Ferrell’s time on Saturday Night Live, so the audience will anxiously wait to see if they can capitalize on a classic skit.