Age of Adaline didn’t get old


Since Blake Lively starred in her breakout roles as Bridget Vreeland in the film “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, her beauty and vibrancy hasn’t faltered. As I viewed “Age of Adeline” I flashed back to her six season role as Serena van Der Woodsen on CW’s hit television show “Gossip Girl.” Although her character was drastically different from the energetic teenager she portrayed in “Gossip Girl”,  Lively is the same beautiful actress in “Age of Adaline” as she was 10 years ago.

From her beautiful blonde cascading hair to the small  beauty mark under her right eye to her tall physique, Lively is flat out gorgeous. There’s no denying it. She just is. And she excelled  as Adeline Bowman, a woman who, because of a freak car accident, has never aged a day past 29. For over eight decades she hid behind fake names and locked doors and promised herself to never expose her true identity for fear that her condition would cause her to become a government owned test subject. So, as her friends, colleagues and daughter grow old, she remains with no explanation as to why she is incapable of change.

After her first husband died, Adeline was also never able to experience true love, or any genuine relationship at all.  It was too dangerous for her to risk exposing her true identity and after time it became normal for her to abandon people. She simply held her secret hostage only allowing it to escape her in “a moment of weakness” as the movie puts it.

The commercials and promotional videos I saw were enough to interest me in the film, but I became fully entrapped in the film when Adeline’s condition was explained. Each step was scientifically supported, and although they very well could have been filling my head with nonsense, I didn’t care. It was your classic full circle story peaking when Adeline encountered one of her former lovers.