Girls XC works to keep state title dreams alive

Last year, the girls cross country team made it to the semi-state meet, and they are ready to keep the dream alive of making it there once again.

“We need to keep working together, I think last year we had some kids that were injured early and we had some new kids, so it took a little time to bring them together,” coach Nathan Fishel said. “This year we pretty much have everyone back, and they are pretty much healthy. They now have more experience and so we are able to start to do more training earlier, so I think that will help us do better at regionals and semi-state.”

Fishel says that the summers are so short now due to the year-round schedule, that you get a little bit more training time and just more overall time to improve.

Plus, summer can come with obstacles such as kids going on vacation and kids going to camps. Also, just kids doing different things that would break up and disrupt their practices. When school starts they have a routine, they get up, go to school, run, go home, eat then sleep. With summer, the routine just isn’t there, according to Fishel.

“We are mixing distance work, speed work, weight room, swimming, yoga and and a lot of different components of fitness development strength and overall development,” Coach Fishel said. “October is a couple months away so thats what we are looking at, but it takes a lot of different aspects of training.”

The team is doing all of their training to get prepared for this season and all of their goals that lie ahead.