Flipping burgers isn’t made to be a lifetime career


Your average emergency medical technicians are the first responders to a house after a call to 911 is made. These people stabilize and keep people alive until they can get proper medical treatment. They save lives daily, yet they start out getting paid at the lowest rate possible, minimum wage. Your average lifeguard, who watches over you to make sure you don’t drown, makes minimum wage. Your average fast food workers who do nothing to contribute to the good of the community make minimum wage, but they’re petitioning to make $15 an hour.

This really makes me angry because working at a fast food joint requires no experience, no education and no skill. If fast food workers made $15 an hour, they would make as much as auto mechanics, geologists, bank tellers and teachers. They would also be making more than some police officers and firefighters, according to www.smallbusiness.chron.com.

Fast food places should be where people start out working. Students in high school looking to make a little extra spending money work at fast food restaurants, but most of them move on from that job because it is low-paying and unsatisfactory. They aren’t meant to be lifetime careers.

Many times that I stop at a fast food restaurant, my order gets messed up in some way. I also watched a McDonald’s worker drop a cup of coffee, and then proceed to pick that cup up and refill it to give it to a customer in the drive through. Another time, I ordered a large Sprite and they handed me a small root beer. Seriously?

People who produce this type of work do not deserve to receive $15 an hour.

If you want $15 an hour, graduate high school, go to college and make something of yourself. Flipping burgers and refrying the same batch of fries all day long isn’t a job that should pay more than most firefighters and medical technicians earn.