Coffee House to have a variety of acts


Madeline Steward

Sophomore Erica Cardinal auditions for this year’s Fall Coffee House. Coffee House will take place on Sept. 3.

Five weeks into this school year and students at SHS are already preparing for this semester’s Coffee House. With Coffee House comes Coffee House auditions. Although everyone who auditions will be able to perform at the actual show, some of the performers say it’s still a little nerve wracking during auditions.  

Auditions were held on Wednesday, Aug. 26 and this semester’s show is themed “Lights, Camera, Action.”  The show will take place on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 6:30 pm. The seniors leading this year’s acts will be Devin Gray, Nicholas May and Taylor Staples. As always, Coffee House is a fundraiser for the theatrical arts run by Mrs. Barbara Whitlock here at SHS, with the cost of $6 being the ticket fee.

“There’s nothing more beautiful in this school than students practicing an art,” Whitlock said during her speech before auditions.

As always there will be musical performances, a couple slam poems and even a DJ performance.*  There are a few new performers, but there aren’t  many freshman. One of the few freshmen who did audition Wednesday night was Sebastian Perez, who plans on singing.

“I’m very nervous. I’m scared I will forget the lyrics. But I’m ready to just get out there and sing,” Perez said.

Like Perez, many performers are nervous for the night of the “big show.” Even sophomore Steven Osburn, who is a returning performer, expressed some anxiety. He will be performing one of the divergent acts at Coffee House involving a light show and Dj act containing some of his original montages of music.

Along with several acts, there will also be treats and coffee that can be bought during the show. The food and beverages will be served to the audience by students who are a part of theater production.


*warning to anyone attending Coffee House that has epilepsy: the DJ show will contain flashing strobe lights.