Going from children to young adults

Teachers experience change when they receive different students every day or class period, especially when they transfer to another school, English teacher, Mrs. megan Woodward says.

Woodward says the transition from a school with only about 300 students to one as large as SHS is a very large change to get used to. This will be her sixth year teaching and she was previously a special education English teacher. Woodward says being a new English teacher, having new content and a new textbook will take time getting used to.

“Everybody is nice, I enjoy everyone on the English department, they are easy to work with, it’s going well so far,” Woodward said. “It has been exciting, there is a lot going on and it’s a big change.”

She originally studied to become an elementary school teacher and realized it was not the right setting she wanted. She then studied for another degree in special education and started doing middle school and high school placements.

“I expect for students to meet me half way with their work, I won’t give it to them something they can’t do, but I won’t give them something super easy either,” Woodward said.

As a teacher, Woodward says the students are doing well in understanding how new everything has been so far. Her expectations for the rest of the year are for everything to go as well or better than they have been.