Junior Jimmy Jones, aspiring rapper


Junior James “Jimmy” Jones is well known around SHS for his rapping. Jones had a couple of friends at Perry Meridian High School that rapped and had their own label, Irregular Music. Jones’ friends from PMHS loved him, so they were more than willing to take him under their wing. Jones always had a love for music and thought that rapping was a good way to express himself, while also pursuing something he enjoyed and loved.

Jones says he started getting serious about rapping one night, about a year ago, when a girl asked him what he was passionate about. That’s when he realized that he couldn’t answer the question; he himself didn’t know yet, which bothered him deeply. That’s when Jones knew he wanted music to be his passion and he wanted to get serious about it.

He does plan on pursuing rapping as his career. Usually, people have a plan B, but not Jones.

“There is no alternative. This is all I’m pursuing,” Jones said.

He does write his own raps. He believes that it’s not genuine hip hop if you don’t do it yourself.

Jones says that someone who inspires him is Mac Miller because he’s young and was rapping fresh out of high school. Mac Miller is also into psychedelics and higher thinking which Jones really enjoys himself.

He says his other inspiration is Drake because by listening to him, he’s showed himself how to play around with different flows on tracks. Although these people inspire Jones for his rapping career, nobody influenced him into the music industry more than himself. He has an extreme amount of support from his friends and family and is very appreciative of it Jones says.

Jones has performed at the Emerson Theater numerous times and believes it’s the best place he’s performed at, so far. Jones’ favorite thing is the energy, the crowd, the lights and the workers.

“It’s a great venue. I typically get a 15 minute set and in that 15 minutes I just vibe out and get lost in the moment,” Jones said.

Jones makes about 3 full length songs a week, but he says he’s his own biggest critic, so he doesn’t release most of them. This is not just a hobby for Jones. He has made it his lifestyle. He likes to convey messages throughout his music, some subliminal, some not. Every line has some meaning to him, in some way. All of his music has meaning and isn’t just some random words put together on paper. He says his most productive music making happens when he’s down or depressed and all he wants to do is get out how he feels with his lyrics.