Freshman plans on drumming his way through high school


Photo by Sofia Salas

Freshman Max McClellan smiles for a picture on September 24, 2015. McClellan has been musically involved since the fifth grade.

The beat of the drums keeps freshman Max McClellan focused on his goals of succeeding in a drumline. McClellan has been playing percussion since the fifth grade.  He says he is able to find joy through the music and his friends he plays with.

“My favorite thing about being on drumline is that we all act like a family. We are all involved in each other lives not just in school but out of school,” McClellan said.

Marching band instructor Mr. John Radomski is who asked McClellan to join. Radomski is also the reason McClellan continued to play when he wanted to quit. He began his practicing over the summer to improve his drumming abilities

The pep rally that took place to introduce fall sports this year was the first time McClellan played on the drumline with a large crowd of people. McClellan says he was a bit nervous but that did not stop him from doing his best.

“It was like my first time performing in front of a group of people,” McClellan said.

McClellan originally started playing just because he was interested in playing the drums. Now his enjoyment has stemmed farther, and he wants to make a career out of his talent. He plans to major in music when he goes to college.

Although McClellan wants to further his drumline abilities after high school, he plans on participating in fall and winter drumline all four years of his high school career.

McClellan stays after school on Thursdays and on Fridays if there is a home game for football. Even though he has a lot of practicing to do, McClellan says his involvement with marching band never conflicts with his schoolwork. He usually has time to complete what he needs to before or after practice. He says that because  he is very dedicated to marching band he has learned a lot from his experience so far.

“I’ve learned like a different type of friendship. With them they are like family because I see them so much,” McClellan said.

The worst part of marching band for McClellan is memorizing his music on time. His motivation to complete what he needs to is that he does not want to get yelled at by his conductor.

“The drumline quote we have is ‘don’t suck’ that is our number one quote.” McClellan said.