Senior Cooper Davis and the Coal Canary


Senior Cooper Davis has gotten attention around the school since his guitar skills were proven. Many girls and guys have been caught fangirling over his mad guitar skills, especially during his performance at spring Coffee House.

During his freshman year, his initial influence to start playing guitar was simply because “guitars get girls and I wasn’t getting girls,” Davis said.

Davis plays a collection of instruments including the electric, bass and acoustic guitar,  the “beat pad” which is essentially a machine that creates a beat with the help of your fingertips, the mandolin and the banjo, which was his great grandfather’s pre World War II banjo. 

His electric guitar, also known as his “baby,” is complete with his handmade pickguard with his  favorite quote across it from the Odyssey; “O Muse sing in me, and through my life tell the story” along with a petal from the flower he gave his girlfriend, SHS graduate Sierra Sullivan, on one of their first dates.

He and his band, “Coal Canary” including him, Noah Ashrafian and Austin Crosley (both Southport Alumni as of 2014), have been together since this past summer, practicing for about 2 hours a day, 3 or 4 nights a week.

Their name’s meaning goes way back to the 20th century when miners would release canary birds into a recent mine fire or some type of explosion and if the bird died or seemed in distress, there was carbon monoxide present.

Although Coal Canary is not doing any gigs at the moment, they are finishing up their recordings in the Alumnis’ flat which has a recording studio setup for all of their recording needs. For those who enjoy free music, Davis announced that he is working on releasing his music for free on iTunes.