The SAT will be at SHS

SHS will be buzzing on Saturday, Oct. 3 when students arrive to take a college admissions test. The SAT will be making its way to SHS in a matter of weeks for students. The SAT is a test that lets students show colleges what they know and how well they can apply that knowledge.

Guidance counselor, Mrs. Erin Shimp says that students should definitely get a good night’s sleep and get up early enough to eat breakfast before the test. The SAT is about four hours long and is broken into 10 different sections. There will be breaks in between, which is the time for students to have a snack and go to the restroom. Shimp also says student should study before the test.

“ actually has practice questions you can use, and then the library or the book store,” Shimp said. “Barnes and Nobles and stores and places, there are big study guides that they can buy.”

The guidance office has smaller study guides for students who want to use those for free. Guidance counselors and other staff will normally be at SHS to help the the test. The test itself will be taken within the different classrooms at SHS.

“When they come in they tell you what room you are in based on how the kids are split up,” Shimp said.

SHS will host the SAT every time it is offered, except in the months of March and May, other than that students can take it at the school. It is too late to register for the SAT taking place on Oct. 3, but if students want to register for further exams, they can visit the College Board website to sign up. FOr more information about the SAT, students can go to guidance.