Troye Sivan’s new album is truly ‘Wild’


Troye Sivan Mellet, more commonly known as Troye Sivan, is a South-African born, now Australian singer, songwriter and actor. He started a YouTube channel in 2007, primarily filling it with singing videos and has continued to pursue this passion until the present day.

 Currently he has released three extended plays, or EP’s, to the public. The first, released in 2008, when Sivan was just 13 years old, was named “Dare to Dream” and had a total of five songs on it. The second EP was named “TRXYE.” It consisted of five songs as well and was released in August of 2015. This was also his first signed by a major label.

His third, however, was released less than a month ago, Sept. 4 to be exact. Its name is “Wild,” and well named it is. The mere six songs are clean cut and beautiful in every way. Sivan not only speaks multiple times of an unnamed love, but shows his affection and devotion to the love through what he says in his lyrics.

He also, in my opinion, references his childhood many times, especially in the songs “Ease” and “The Quiet.” There are also audible children’s voices in the primary song “Wild.” Sivan is homosexual, and came out to his family at the age of 15. Before then, Sivan says that he was completely terrified to reveal anything about his sexuality to anyone. I believe he shares a little bit of his personal views and experiences through the lyrics of these songs.

But even if a listener didn’t pay any attention to the lyrics whatsoever, they would still be encompassed by the lively, clean beats and rhythms that are present in each song. When I first listened to this album, though I was listening attentively anyway, I was truly surrounded and intrigued by every word and sound. As each song progresses, layers of intonation expose themselves, raw yet refined. They grab the listener’s attention and don’t let go.

Because of all of this, Sivan has recently become one of my favorite artists and one of my newfound obsessions. I truly hope he continues his success.