‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ is perfection


Canadian artist Abel Tasfaye, also known as The Weeknd, released a new album on Aug. 28, 2015. Shockingly, this was only his second studio album, and although he has been a thing since 2010, this year is the first time he has been a big thing. “The Beauty Behind the Madness,” which is what seems to have made him famous overnight, is more than perfection.

Some may believe that the hype about it was overrated, releasing the first track from the album over a year before the actual album came out; but if anything, it supported the album. In total, he released four songs out of the 14 on the entire album.

The album does a glorious job at having a song for every mood. “Can’t Feel My Face,” one of The Weeknd’s most known songs, is great for an energetic time, while “Angel” or “Tell Your Friends” are good for laying in bed or studying. He also incorporates other artists in this album, such as Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey and Maty Noyes to give his music a spice-up from his usual sound.

The Weeknd, who has a very unique style, also has a very personal sound with his music. It doesn’t sound like regular R&B music, but it also doesn’t identify with everyday pop-radio music. There are a lot of jazz undertones in his music, but also some well-corporated techno sounds too. Not only that, but his voice is simply great and relaxing. All of this combined definitely gives “The Beauty Behind the Madness” a distinct, beautiful sound.

“Dark Times,“ featuring Ed Sheeran, track 12 on the album, is hands down my favorite. It is amazing at involving emotion in the lyrics with a brilliant beat. But even my least favorite of the songs, “Acquainted,” is still a great one if I am being completely honest.

Although this album is top-notch, it wouldn’t be The Weeknd if it didn’t contain some vulgarity. It doesn’t have anything too gnarly compared to some music in this day and age, but I wouldn’t suggest listening to all of the tracks around somebody’s mother.

No matter what someone’s music preference is, I would highly suggest “The Beauty Behind the Madness,” and any other music by The Weeknd, to anyone. I’m sure they will  find something to enjoy within this it’s entirety. With The Weeknd being so young and already producing great quality music, I’m more than stoked to see what the future holds for him.