Freshman students takes advice from others


Most SHS students would agree that adjusting to high school during their freshman year was a challenge. Although, thinking back to freshman year and the struggles that went along with it, there are a few students now that are going through the big transition with more on their plate. These SHS students are part of the student council.

Freshmen that are part of the student council say that there have been some difficulties so far, but other student council members who have more experience help a lot with overcoming the hard parts.

“It seemed like an exciting way to start my freshman year,” freshman class president Olivia Brite said.

Brite said that the fun environment with the friendly people was one of the reasons she joined in the first place. But, even though there are perks for being in the student council, there are some challenges that came along with the job. Brite says the hardest challenge of being in student council while being a freshman is juggling the responsibility along with extracurricular activities and schoolwork.

Despite the fact that the hardest thing to do is find time to work together, Brite says they haven’t needed much help so far this year. An issue was candy, but that was quickly taken care of by Inspire Dance Company who decided to help the student council out by donating some, and it turned out to be the best outcome Brite says.

“The biggest problem was finding a trailer (for homecoming), but we ended up getting one from a construction company,” Brite said. “We wanted to represent a company, and we’re very thankful to everyone who helped us out.”