Cards’ season overshadowed by Sectional loss

SHS’ soccer season came down to a “crapshoot,” according to Coach Josh Brown, and Southport came out on the losing side of it. As a result, a slanted view was cast onto their season as a whole.

SHS finished the season with a winning record in regular season play and in their conference schedule. They only had a losing record in Sectional play where they played their rival Perry Meridian and lost in penalty kicks. Their last loss ended their season prematurely and cast a shadow over their overall success.

“It’s hard to look at the season now and not see last game,” Brown said.

In the last game SHS suffered from unfortunate events as they began overtime without five of their starters. Two of those players were their top goal scorers. The two of them accounted for a third of SHS’s total goals throughout the season, and both were out when the season was on the line.

This was another reason for SHS’ success throughout the season being overshadowed by a bad game.

“We felt as if the game was kind of taken from us by injuries and events on the field,” Brown said.