Dinner time came with a saucy surprise


Chelsea Burnett, Writer

Sitting down for her favorite dinner, senior Anna Gunderson was ready to eat. She had a hot plate of spaghetti in front of her before her stomach began to send her warnings, Gunderson says. She was forced to face the impending doom that would interrupt her dinner.

When Gunderson sat down to eat her dinner, she didn’t expect what would happen next. The noodles made an unwanted second appearance from a peculiar place. Even though it was only her family that saw, Gunderson says it still made her insides turn. While she was expecting the noodles to come out of her mouth, they didn’t. They came out of her nose.

“They were not chewed up noodles, either.” Gunderson said. “They were entire noodles.”

As Gunderson initially said, her favorite meal is spaghetti. She sat down at the table and prepared herself to enjoy the dinner that had been prepared. While she knew her stomach felt “off,” Gunderson blocked it out and continued with her Italian cuisine.

Mid-dinner, her stomach got the best of her. Gunderson confessed to her mom that she had to throw up. While attempting to withhold from getting sick on everything, her mom was frantically searching for a pot to use. Once her mom found one, Gunderson began to get sick into it.

When describing the feeling of entire strings of noodles falling out of her nose and down her face, Gunderson says that they were “sour and burned” her nose. Despite how strange this was, it was not what she determined to be the most bizarre.

“There was no sauce on the noodles,” Gunderson said. “I ate sauce, but the sauce didn’t come out with the noodles.”

Gunderson says that not many saw it happen, but nonetheless, Gunderson says that she would be very embarrassed if it were to happen again, especially if it happened at school.