A pajama party for two ended in the park

Jordan Jones, writer

All dressed up in a shark onesie, junior Hannah Toon slipped into the passenger seat of her sister’s car for what was to become a memorable day. Hannah’s sister, senior Rachel Toon, had thought up the idea of going to a deserted park.

The two decided to invite long-time friend, who also dressed in a polka dotted onesie. The two were not aware of Rachel Toon’s plans for this “deserted” park.

Hannah and her friend had a quiet day at the park in mind. However, instead of going straight to the park they ended up going to pick up a few unexpected guests.

Hannah and her friend were thunderstruck with Rachel Toon’s surprise for the both of them. Rachel Toon had invited some people, and both were unaware. While the ride to the park was very awkward for the two, Hannah says the park wasn’t much better. Instead of the fun day they had planned at the park, it seemed like more of a fun day in the car.

Filled with embarrassment Hannah couldn’t bring herself to step out of the vehicle, but she stepped out to cool off on the hot day. This left the two sitting in the car watching Grease on Netflix for the remainder of their time in the park, only stepping out for a breath of fresh air on the hot day.

“I wanted to get out of the car because it was really hot, but I couldn’t,” Hannah said. “I was too embarrassed.”

Hannah did step out of the car in a feeble attempt to cool off, saying that when she finally got out of the car she realized it was too hot and too embarrassing.