FCA allows students to branch out


Kali Ingels, Editor

Ever since math teacher Chelsea Brothers can remember, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club has been a thing. She remembers staying after school every Tuesday when she attended SHS, and she would sit there and participate in the club.

Despite the name, the FCA is not only for athletes, anyone is eligible join, the club is welcoming anyone and everyone that wants to participate. The FCA meets and usually has what Brothers calls “an icebreaker,” and the group and/or a single person will tell their testimony, or shares a bible verse. Then, the group takes their conversation from that.

“It is a place for us to have church at school,” Brothers said. “It’s supposed to be separate but it is a way for us to come together and  just to have that type of group.”

Throughout the time they meet, they will take prayer requests  and the group will pray for one another. Elmer Sanders and Joe Leonard who run the club, along with other teachers who participate within the club.

The FCA meets in the Cardinal’s nest, and they have changed the day they meet to every Wednesday until roughly 7:10 to 7:15 in the evening. Brothers says that right now, on a consistent basis, about 20-30 who show up. The students and staff who come to the meetings also get Long’s Doughnuts.

“I think in high school it gets so clicky with friends, so I think this is a way to branch out of that, to make new friends,” Brothers said. “And to just to have somewhere that you feel comfortable to be able to share your relationship with God.”