Students share their traditions


Nick Meacham

Sophomore Grace Branson focuses on homework in social studies class, in Mr. David Luers classroom .


For many people, fall rushes by in a blur from Halloween events to changing weather to Christmas shopping, but somewhere in that time, people get the chance to take a moment out of their lives to spend time with their families and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Customs for this holiday vary from person to person, but one feature is very prominent: the food. Southport junior Bailey Fields spends Thanksgiving with her mother, aunt, and grandfather every year. They pitch in and cook a large meal of traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

“The three of us girls cook the meal together for my grandfather,” Fields said.

Thanksgiving also happens to fall during the NFL season, so watching games that day has become a tradition for many American families. According to, there are three NFL games played every year on Thanksgiving. This year, it will be Eagles vs. Lions, Bears vs. Packers, and Panthers vs. Cowboys. Jacob King, a junior at Southport, says that he and his family take part in watching the games during Thanksgiving.

“We don’t really have any traditions besides watching football all day,” said King.

Besides food and football,  Thanksgiving holds a  deeper meaning for many people. It is  getting a chance to spend quality time with family that lives far away, making memories with people you love, and remembering the past and all that there is to be thankful for. For some, the holiday goes hand in hand with their religious beliefs, and for others it is simply a time of reflection.

Sophomore Grace Branson celebrates Thanksgiving with her family. Although they do not have any set traditions, she believes that it is a great chance for everyone to come together.

“We celebrate Thanksgiving, and we celebrate it because we’re thankful for everything and we can get together as a family,” Branson said.

For these three students, Thanksgiving is more than a day to eat turkey. It is a day for acknowledging all that they have received in life and an opportunity to show their appreciation for it. It is a chance to see everything as a blessing.

“Thanksgiving is definitely an important holiday,” Fields said.   “It’s important for people to use Thanksgiving as a day to step back and appreciate the small things in life.”