Students have different views on presidential candidate

Courtney Russell, Reporter

Qualifications to be a U.S president include being at least 35 years old and being a natural born U.S citizen that has been living in the U.S. for at least 14 years. The president takes on the responsibility of meeting with people of importance from foreign countries. He also deals with treaties relating to trade and aid given to needy countries by the U.S. The President of the U.S. also plays the role of commander in Chief of the armed forced on top of his other jobs.

Presidential elections will take place on November 8, 2016, a little less than a year away. Presidential campaigning has already begun, and SHS students have started gathering opinions about presidential candidates.

Donald trump, who is a real estate developer, former television personale and an author, is running for president next fall. Trump is running as either a Republican, or independent. He has not stated which yet.

Junior Nicholas Thompson believes that only some students are aware of Trump at SHS and that there are mixed opinions of Trump among the students. He says that some students probably developed their opinions based off their parents personal views, while some may have their own opinion like himself.

“My opinions of Donald Trump have mainly been based off of his own words,” Thompson said.

Thompson believes as far as business and economy goes, Trump is a good candidate and could do well with dealing in the economical part of the nation. However, there are some aspects of Trump’s campaign he doesn’t agree with, such as immigration. He says that the issues Trump is addressing are based on personal views and opinions.

“He could do well handling with our nation’s economy,” said Thompson, “but I think he’s also becoming caught up in his own personal views and opinions as far as what he’d like to change as president.”

Junior Melissa Navarro disagrees when it comes to the economical part. She says that if Trump becomes president that there would be more economical issues.

“He will be very hated,” Navarro said. “He will probably get the U.S. bankrupt, since he’s been bankrupt four times.”

According to, Trump himself has not filed bankruptcy. However, four of his corporations have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy for being millions and billions of dollars in debt.

Thompson says that he believes there are a lot of high school students that don’t care about who our president will be, even though he thinks they should.

“As a high school student you’re quickly approaching the voting age,  and you should start becoming more aware of these things,” Thompson said.