America should continue to be the melting pot


Andrea Vidaurre, Reporter

The United States has been known for having a variety of people that live and migrate here for a better life. For that reason, hearing someone say that Americans shouldn’t learn another language and that foreigners should just have to learn English is one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard.

Immigrants come here for a better life and they have a lot to accustom to. They have to learn to adjust to the “American” way. I do agree that they should make an effort to learn English, considering that’s the main language of America. But, there’s nothing wrong with us Americans trying to learn their languages, too. Not only does being bilingual or knowing more than one language benefit others, it benefits yourself.

Knowing more than one language opens up so many doors for your future. It helps you out when you’re applying for a job. Managers and bosses want people that can communicate with many types of employees or customers/clients. It also helps for traveling. You can travel the world and get to know so many people just from having the ability to communicate with those who speak another language.

Hispanics make up about 17 percent of the U.S. population, being the largest minority group. There is a wide range of Hispanics in Southern Florida, Texas, California and Chicago. I’ve traveled to some of those places, and knowing Spanish was really useful.

When I hear people say “Oh, this is America, people should have to learn English, and we shouldn’t have to learn another language for them,” it sends chills down my back. It is so ignorant because that would be like someone telling another person who’s allergic to peanut butter that they need to just learn how to deal with eating peanut butter or get over their allergies.

America is supposed to be the “land of opportunities” and there are very limited opportunities for those that can’t understand a word anyone is saying to them. It is already difficult leaving the only life you knew and starting over in a new world. It would be even harder if those around you didn’t want to help and get you accustomed.