New Skip-a-final process in place


Skip-a-final list for students who are eligible to skip finals.

Kali Ingels, Editor

The end of the first semester has arrived and along with that comes finals. SHS has had an incentive for a while now called Skip-a-final. Skip-a-final was an incentive for students who did not have more than three absences and three tardies within the semester. Students would fill out a piece of paper with the class finals they would want to skip, and then they would get denied or accepted. But, this school year it has changed. Assistant principal Mrs. Amy Boone says that the reason it changed was because there were issues with the repeal process.

“There was no measurable impact on student attendance and there were issues about what absence reasons and types should be considered in the appeal process,” Boone said.

The Skip-a-final incentive for the 2015-2016 school year has changed. Instead of allowing students who have met the guidelines to skip two finals, students are only allowed to skip one. Now, instead of being able to skip a final for meeting both tardies and absences, students are only able to skip a final if they have the rule of tardies. The attendance incentive was removed thus removing the need for an appeal process.  The administration has also transitioned the appeal to a completely online application so there is no need for paper signatures.

“Students have complete control if they qualify for the skip-a-final program.  They cannot always control if they are sick or if there is a family emergency but being on time to class each day in attendance can be controlled,” Boone said.  “Plus, the system is more clear, students either have less than or equal to three total tardies to school or they don’t, so students know early if they qualify for the program.”

Also, in the class the teacher’s final the students is wanting to skip must verify that the student has a “C-” in a traditional course and or an “A-” in an AP/DC class. To fill out a Skip-a-final sheet, students need to go to the school website, and under quick links, there it will say Skip-a-Final application. These are due by Wednesday, Dec. 9 at noon.