Cast Bios: ‘Grease’


Jared Payton

Characters: Greaser, Mathlete and Jock  

This will be Payton’s  first production in his school career. He feels that being in this production is a new experience for him and that it will bring him out of his shell.

“I have always like musicals and plays.” Payton said.

Along with this being Payton’s first production, he has been in choir for seven years.


Alicia May

Character: Jan

Alicia May has been in choir since the sixth grade. Her favorite scene is the sleepover scene when all the girls were just having fun and being silly with one another. May says that she has a lot of connections with her character, Jan.

“This character is really quirky and loves food…I can relate to that.” May said.

The love of being in a musical is shared through the role of these characters and its actors.


Chloe Marsh

Character: Sandy

Marsh has been in a total of four productions in her high school career. With only two to three weeks left before the night of the show, things are starting to get a little heated.

“I feel out of place and try to fit in by doing things I don’t want to…” Marsh said explaining the lead role of Sandy.

Overall, Marsh is excited about this production and what it has to offer.


Brady Schuster-Beauty School Dropout Angel-Senior

First production, but has performed at Coffee House

Schuster feels connected to the character because of how blunt the he is with Frenchy during the musical, which is what Schuster tries to do with his friends. He is the character Schuster dreamed about playing, and exactly the role he wanted due to his “jazzy vibe.”


Devin Gray- Playing Danny Zuko-Senior

First production

Gray feels like him and Danny are both leaders and individualistic people amongst their friends. Before this, Gray had never been apart of any production, or even knew he could sing or act prior to this. Now, he has the lead. He has prepared by making Danny a part of his life.

“Devin is reading the lines, but Danny is saying them and bringing the words off paper,” Gray said. “Not to mention, we are both pretty cool, if you know what I mean.”


Taylor Kincaid- Playing Frenchy- Sophomore

First musical, but has been in plays before.

Frenchy is quirky and fussy about her looks, which is a way Kincaid would describe herself. She really likes playing the character because of all the wigs, and being a part of the Pink Ladies.

“I feel this (musical) was cast perfectly,” Kincaid said.


Zach Smith

This is Smith’s first production. Smith originally auditioned for Danny, the main male role, but as most would guess, a senior got the part. Smith was not bothered by this, because he is still very content with his role and being a sophomore, he still has a few more years to go out for the lead role.

“I see it as I’m the only sophomore with one of the biggest characters and I don’t have to understudy anybody,” Smith said.

Smith feels a slight connection with Kenickie. Kenickie is like the alpha of the friends, while Danny is the alpha just as Smith is with his group of friends.

“I have a group of friends that I generally hang out with and I feel like ‘wow, I’m second in command, I kind of feel cool.’”

Smith’s mother used to be in musicals, so he thought that doing something his mother used to enjoy and be very involved in would be a good way of connecting with her.

Smith is looking forward to putting on a show for his peers, teachers and other parents. The act that he’s looking forward to most is Grease Lightning because he thinks it’s the most entertaining.

Smith goes over his lines five times a day at least so when the time comes, everything will be a piece of cake.



Whittemore will be playing the sassy role of Betty Rizzo, one of the Pink Ladies in this year’s musical. This is her first production.

Whittemore decided to try to be in the production when she was watching “Grease” in tech theater and she realized tryouts were coming up. She really liked Rizzo’s character and she decided to take an opportunity that doesn’t come often. That’s the role she auditioned for and she got it.

“Grease is very expensive for a high school to put on, so I thought it was a great opportunity and I thought I couldn’t pass that up.” Whittemore said.

Whittemore’s friends say that she fits the part perfectly, but not in all aspects. Rizzo’s snarkiness is the most common trait Whittemore agrees they both have.

The cast has practices everyday after school and you have to memorize your lines on your own time.

Whittemore is looking forward to doing her first show ever and getting it done with other people watching to see how she can really perform.