The Visit Review


Madeline Steward

In the fall time, especially around Halloween, there’s nothing better to do than curl up and watch a good creepy movie. Those were my exact intentions when I went to go see “The Visit” by M. Night Shyalman, but I was still missing a key factor: a good movie, because that’s exactly what this movie wasn’t.

The concept of the movie, kids going to see their very creepy grandparents, was what caught my attention in the first place. I give credit to Shyalman for an interesting concept, but how they produced the movie was more than disappointing. The entirety of the movie was way too drawn out and simply boring. This was a perfect example of movie trailers showing the only existing good parts within a movie.

The movie opens up with the son of the family rapping, which I understand is comedic relief, but it completely disconnected the movie scenes from each other. Instead of drawing the audience into a scary movie,  it opened  as a family comedy. I was not impressed.

Later, the movie moved onto the children meeting the grandparents. I was finally happy to see the plot heading in the direction of what I had predicted the movie to be like. But instead of the grandparents being scary, as portrayed in the movie trailers, they were just dumb. What the directors had set out to be scary really just looked like weird acting and was so dumb it actually kind of made me laugh. Personally, laughing isn’t what I crave during a so called thriller movie.

It wasn’t until nearly the end of the film where I was actually somewhat pleased with something. Props to Shyalman for adding a good twist to the movie; if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have even stayed to watch the end.

Once the movie finally reached a climatic point, it nose dived itself back into being a disappointment.

After what I thought was the ending, including some blood and gore like an average thriller movie, the movie ended back on the son rapping once again. This ending actually made me angry. This boy, who experienced extreme mental trauma, would not remain perfectly happy and singing to end the movie.

Once again, there were too many angles from a comedic point of view or a horror film point of view, but never a stable one throughout the whole movie.

Over all, if someone is looking for a movie to laugh at and make fun of, then this is a perfect one. But for being a scary movie and how hyped up it was before theatres, all this movie accomplished was being a let down that I would not recommend.