American Horror Story- or is it?


Madeline Steward

There is nothing I love more than creepy shows and actor Evan Peters, and when those two things were combined back in 2011 creating “American Horror Story (AHS),” I was an instant fan. This year, when season five was released, I was honestly extremely disappointed. I always hold high expectations for AHS and usually more than enjoy the series, but after three episodes of this season, I’m struggling to even want to watch it anymore.

In past seasons, actress Jessica Lange was always one of the main characters. This is the first season without her, and replacing her is none other than Lady GaGa. I have nothing against Lady Gaga, but I think she is one of the main things holding this season back from it’s potential. She is a terrible actress, does not fit with the rest of the cast and personally, I just do not like the vibe she brings to the show.

Along with that, just the first episode alone was way too gnarly and raunchy. AHS isn’t the most appropriate show by any means. Past seasons have contained rape, drugs, vulgar language and a lot of sexual content. Seeing mature material isn’t unexpected, but this episode was just simply bad taste. I felt like the whole thing was just sex, blood and Lady Gaga. This left me  upset, confused and, more than anything, let down.

AHS airs every Wednesday and with this coming Wednesday creeping upon me, I still can’t decide if I’m willing to give my beloved show gone wrong another chance. At this point, the only thing keeping me considering to watch is my dear Evan Peters. Unless someone is already a huge AHS or Evan Peters fan, I wouldn’t suggest this season to anyone so far. It’s done nothing but shame the brilliant, intricate seasons prior.