Revealing SHS to graduates

Jordan Jones, Reporter

Some students today were not here during the renovation years of SHS. Freshman cardinals were not a part of this process at all, but they are here now to see the finished product. Some students have the opposite situation and got to see the renovation years, but not the finished product.

Two of those students are Nathen Brewer, a 2013 graduate and Chase Patrick 2014 graduate, got the opportunity this week to experience what they never got the chance to see: the finished product of the school. The school started renovating around 2013 and in the past year, has been finished. Today, SHS students get to experience the new school, but these two graduates were only able to view the school’s construction.

Renovations were designed to cut down students tardies by making shorter distances between classes. They opened up hallways, created new staircases and changed the appearance of the school. When Brewer walked down the science wing he couldn’t help but to feel lost. He says if he were to attend SHS today, he would have to learn the layout all over again.

“Can I go back to highschool?” Brewer said when looking around at the school.

Unlike Brewer, Patrick knew some of the sights, for the most part, he knew where he was headed. Seeing things like the old gym doors or a set of stairs were key points for him. He automatically knew what hallway he was in and he compared it to the pre-renovation hallways.

Continuing on with Patrick’s tour, he was surprised at the amount of new water fountains there are now.

“There were only two of the new water fountains with the water bottle sensor, but now it’s as if they’re in every hallway,” Patrick said.

Brewer was amazed by the new layout when shown the new 400’s hallway, and Patrick soon realized that almost nothing was the same as he remembered. Brewer couldn’t help but compare it to colleges such as IUPUI and even went on to say that today’s SHS students are lucky.

“Before if you had a class in the 400’s it was like you needed a ten minute passing period just to get to your next class because (the 400’s hallway) was on the other side of the school.” Brewer went on to say.

The two graduates said that their favorite places were the cafeteria, science lab and the hallway known as the ‘fishbowl’.

“It surprised me that it looked so much more professional,” Patrick said when branching off of Brewers comments, agreeing with the statement that the high school now much more resembles a college.