Time flies the second semester


Dioneeth Salas, Reporter

Why does it feel like the second semester goes by so quickly? Do students and teachers both feel this way? Many events that occur during the Fall are not repeated in the second semester. Also, there aren’t as many breaks. So, why does time seem to go by faster than before?

Students aren’t the only ones who are affected by the odd ways the second semester goes by. English teacher, Brianne Osburn says that the first half of the second semester goes by very slowly because of the way the cold weather affects people’s moods after the holidays. The breaks are shorter at the beginning of the second semester, but she says once the weather gets warmer and events start sprouting up everywhere after spring break, time seems to go by really fast until the end of the school year.

“I think time definitely speeds up between spring break and the end, I think it goes really fast,” Osburn said. “A lot of the testing that we do, like AP tests and the ECA takes up a lot of time and the days get really short. There are all kinds of end of the year events like graduation and award ceremonies.”

Senior Taylor Halcomb believes that the second semester goes by really fast from the beginning because senior year seems to go by fast in general. She feels that since it’s the end of the year and end of her high school years are getting closer, time seems to fly by.

“Maybe time goes by fast because we’re about to graduate and it seems like time is going by so quickly because we’re getting older,” Halcomb said. “It feels like the older I’m getting the faster the years keep passing by.”

Although Osburn and Halcomb have different reasons for believing it, they both say that the second semester goes by more quick than the first semester seems.