May the force be with you and your family


David Luers and his sons James (L) and Payton (R) share a love of Star Wars. Luers has seen the newest movie six times. Photo contributed by David Luers

Madeline Steward

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” also known as the year 1977, the original “Star Wars” was created. From the beginning, “Star Wars” was a global phenomenon with a worldwide box office of 1.767 billion dollars, according to
When 2015 dropped Disney’s new addition of “Star Wars,” not only did it rake in more than double the global box office, it also seemed to double the love and passion for “Star Wars.” This eternal movie seems to have united family and friends with a love of “Star Wars,” despite generation or age.
“Instead of being narrowing, (Star Wars is) only going to appeal to this group of people, I think the themes appeal, regardless of age, across cultures,” social studies teacher David Luers said.
“Star Wars” is something Luers has enjoyed with his parents since the age of four, and is now something he shares with his son. Luers has seen the newest “Star Wars” six times, each time with different people including once with his father, once with his mother and another time with his son.
Unlike Luers, his son was never able to see “Star Wars” in theaters prior to this film. Luers believes that having the whole theater experience really allowed the two to bond over something they both have an extreme passion for.
“We don’t always see eye-to-eye on a lot of stuff, but this was something that we could connect on and talk about, that we both share in common. Being able to sit in the theater next to him, and see the look on his face…it was really cool,” Luers said.
He believes that this doesn’t just apply to family though, and that many generations and families are going through the same scenario.
Another family who has been impacted by “Star Wars” is that of junior Zoe and senior Alex Cooper. Their dad made sure the family’s schedule was clear three weeks prior to seeing the movie, just to make sure the whole family could enjoy it together. Their dad even sewed his own costume and ones for his son and youngest daughter to wear to the event.
“I think if one of us couldn’t have gone, he would’ve disowned us,” Zoe Cooper said.
Both Luers and Zoe Cooper believe that “Star Wars” has had a huge sweeping effect on pop culture and has joined generations from extremely old to very young across the nation. And with the last Star Wars to be released in December of 2019, both of them agree that it will only continue to be a relatable subject for a multitude of age groups.