Is it a good thing to have a sibling at the same school?


Junior Ethan Vanover (far left) and his brother, freshman Jack Vanover sit in ipass on Monday, Jan. 25. and talk with friends. Photo by Rae Updike

Rae Updike, Reporter

In a high school, there are bound to be some legacies, or more than one family member in attending high school at the same time. SHS has some perfect examples of this phenomenon. The question, however, is what it is like to come into a school that already knows of your family?

SHS has students that have their sibling attending the school, many grades younger than the other. Freshman Jack Vanover came to SHS following his older brother, junior Ethan Vanover. Jack thought that coming to the high school was going to be more difficult than it actually was, but having an older brother to show him where to go and show him the ropes made it easier.

“I got in with some of the older kids, so it wasn’t as awkward,” Vanover said.  “Like at lunch I knew where to sit, and who to sit with, I knew who not to mess with and that sort of thing just because he knew the people.”

Jack likes having Ethan at the school because he considers himself to not have a lot of friends in his own grade. Jack says that even with his brother being at the same school, he isn’t compared to Ethan too much by teachers other than the fact that they are both respectful.

Going to the same high school has really brought these brothers together in Jack’s opinion. The only drawbacks are that Jack isn’t as close with his younger brother, who is still in middle school and that he is more friends with upperclassmen than his own friends.

Sophomore Timmy Cassaday is also a second generation sibling to, senior Tyler Cassaday. Coming to the high school things changed just seeing his older brother in the halls. Timmy, just like Jack isn’t compared to his older brother too often except by a teacher they shared, Joseph Leonard. They way Leonard compared them was that they both did their work.

It doesn’t really matter to Timmy that the teachers know of him and he has no problem with his older brother being at the school with him. With his older brother being here, Timmy is more aware of what’s happening.

“I get to know where to go and what’s going on,” Cassaday said.

Both Jack and Timmy both enjoy having their older sibling at the same school with them. They have mutual friends and do a lot of the same things. With their siblings being here, they know what’s going on at SHS.