Teens spend time playing music for others

Sofia Salas

It started with a group of freshman who simply wanted to share their talent with others in order to light up the faces of the people in the crowd.

“As we were coming up to Christmas, one of the kids kind of got the idea ‘can we put together some christmas music and go play at a nursing home?’” said orchestra teacher Thomas Wright.

The group that Wright calls freshman ensemble, and that some may know as Baby Cards, is a group of freshmen that stay after school and put together music to play at different nursing homes. Wright says this has cost the school no money.

The group of 15 usually practices after school before they have their practices for various sports. Wright says most of the participants have to stay after either way, so the time spent on practicing is not an inconvenience. Between time spent after school and during ipass to practice, the students involved in this group learned nearly an hours worth of  music in addition to what they already learn in class.

Freshman Jordan Cox is the one who really pushed the idea to Wright and hopes that the ensemble will continue on.

“We could all grow old and play music with each other,” Cox said.

Wright is proud of the group because they break the stereotypical teenage image.

“A lot of times we see teenagers as selfish little self absorbed individual entities floating around the school who have very little care of their fellow humans,” Wright said. “But these kids had sort of a different view. It was just nice.”