Crew Members build sets as well as knowledge


Senior Dave Smith builds structure while assisting others.

Sofia Salas

It was his freshman year that he began an activity that he would grow to enjoy throughout his whole high school career. Putting together structures is not all senior Dave Smith does to provide help to the theater program at SHS.

“I have fun doing it and I get a joy out of doing this, but my main goal is to do this for others,” Smith said.

Smith is a major contributor to crew, which involves the building of sets for SHS theater productions. While he does not personally design the entire set, he assists Barbara Whitlock, the theatre instructor at SHS, with ideas on how to go about the building process.

The stairs are a key component in the upcoming show Cheaper By The Dozen set to be performed March 9, 10 and 11. Smith says that the design of the stairs was the “brainchild” of both Whitlock’s and his ideas. He also designed arches and cut out the main parts of the procedium for the most recent musical, “Grease.” Because of all his experience, many other students on crew look to him for help.

Smith is not the only one who enjoys building and participating in crew. Junior Oscar Amantecatl is another student that his peers look to for help. While Grease was Amantecatl’s first production he still is knowledgeable on how to build.

“First year in tech theatre I learned a little bit (building skills), but most of them would’ve been probably at home with dad,” Amantecatl said.

Smith on the other hand brought in some of his skills from not only at home but robotics as well. These skills are used when not only building their own projects but to assist others on crew.

“Whenever anyone has a question I always try to look at it logically and help them as much as I can,” Smith said. “If I don’t know the answer to something I tell them where to go get that information, let it be the Internet or whatever, go ask Whitlock. Essentially just see how we can figure it out on our own so that way we can get the task done.”