Girls XC preview

Brandon Baker, Sports Writer

After a season that saw a sophomore finish 61st out of 208 in state, the girl’s cross country team has brought in a few new participants and is ready for the upcoming season. With 16 total runners, the team is looking to replace last season’s seniors.

Along with the new runners, many of whom run track, the old pieces from last season are still there and are “continuing to develop,” according to head coach Mr. Nathan Fishel. A big part of the team is returning junior Delaney Bucker. She was the team’s best runner last season, going to state and finishing in the top 70.

“She’s a good runner, she works hard, athletic, smart, student of the sport,” Fishel said of Bucker. “We’re hoping for a good year out of her.”

But the team is not just as deep as Bucker. Even though most of the runners are new to cross country, they have been on the track team and have a feel of what cross country is about. That is not saying it will be smooth sailing at first though.

“The team will get better with experience,” Fishel said. “We will definitely be better in October than we were in August.”

Bucker is struggling to get completely healthy, according to Fishel. After suffering what she called “hip tightness,” Bucker has been cross-training to stay in shape while recovering.

“If I would have kept running through it, I know it would have just gotten worse,” Bucker said.

Bucker has been swimming, running on an elliptical and participating in other activities to condition her while the tightness in her hip has been bothering her. Bucker says she plans on being ready to run in the other meets this season.