People are too afraid to be themselves


Sofia Salas, Web Editor

I went to the Hoosier women in art gallery at Garfield Park this weekend. While I was there, a large crocheted piece was hanging on display. At first glance I was unable to figure out what it was, but when I went completely across the room and looked up, three beautiful faces emerged. My changing perception made me think about the secrets that that piece held. If I had never looked at it differently, I would have never seen the people within the art.

This happens all the time in everyday life. Things are not what they appear to be. Looking at things for how they really are or from another angle changes everything. Social media for example is filled with falsities that people believe with no second thought. Just because someone posts a picture of what they bought at the mall does not mean they are above anyone else. Just because they post a picture on the beach does not mean they are having fun. Just because they post a picture smiling does not mean they are happy. I think people compare themselves to others’ false image and feel that what they see is real and that they are lesser. In reality, that is not the case.

I am personally guilty of being so frustrated that things don’t work out for me as well as others all the time. Then I have to remind myself that just because someone looks like they are succeeding does not mean they are. Of course I want others to thrive and do well, but I always wonder what I or the person who can’t afford food for their family did to deserve certain circumstances. The fact is, everyone struggles. Whether it be internally, financially or socially, everyone struggles. The part that is confusing or troubling is that many people cover their struggles and create an image that is difficult to see through.

It is possible to have a glass half full attitude and still acknowledge the reality of hardship and difficulty. Sometimes thing are not positive and they just suck. It is important to see that, even if it looks to be a different way. I wish that people were able to allow themselves to be human and embrace their flaws. I try to be my true self as much as possible but that often leads to me saying things I shouldn’t. Either way I would rather be blunt than contribute to the falsities others put off.

Facades are often put up because people are insecure, but if they look at it from afar, they would realize everyone is.