Do Like the Olympians Do


Madison Crosley, Anchor Writer

Whether it be a relaxing trip to the beach, camping for a weekend, or a day at an amusement park, everyone has their ideal vacation for the summer. For junior Nick Sethman, that ideal vacation this past summer was driving a bobsled down a cold, icy track. Sethman was on a mission trip in Utah for nine days, where he and his girlfriend went bobsledding together.

The track Sethman and his girlfriend went to, Utah Olympic Park, was the same location where the 2002 Olympic bobsleigh events were held. Although it was a fun event for the two, it was not exactly cheap. Between the two, the cost of bobsledding was $170.

“It was expensive as heck, but it was definitely worth it,” said Sethman.

This was Sethman’s first experience bobsledding, but for him and his girlfriend, it was exciting and enjoyable.

“The course was really rough. We went down a mile on track in about 20 seconds, so we were going pretty fast.”

Sethman and his girlfriend shared a unique experience this summer that not many people get to. While many people were sweating on the beach or hiking up trails, Nick Sethman was steering a bobsled down a track where Olympian professionals once maneuvered the slick runs.