Art is a pleasure for the eyes


Andrea Vidaurre

For art teacher Anthony Pernell, the MSDPT Art Show  is a chance for his students to show off what they’ve done in his classes.

“It brings in a lot of the community so they can see what art is all about,” Pernell said.

The art show is an annual event and takes place in the spring. This is a chance for students in the district from kindergarten through 12 grade to display their art work that they’ve accomplished at school. It is held at Perry Meridian on April 14 and 15 from 6 to 9 p.m. Pernell says that SHS has a lot of talented art students and the art show is an opportunity for their hidden work to get some attention. He says that this is a good way to show off and represent the school well. Pernell chooses his students’ best work to be put in the show to be seen by anyone in the Perry District.

One of those students Pernell chose to put in the show is senior Joana Neshkova, who enjoys pencil drawing. Although she enjoys listening to music and watching plays as a form of art, pencil drawing is Neshkova’s favorite form of art because she can create it herself.

“I think that creating a work of art with yourself and own hands is why it’s my favorite type of art,” Neshkova said.

Neshkova started drawing as a small child and did it just to make time go by. She’d lay on the floor for hours with pencils and papers scattered everywhere while she sketched.

“It was just one of those things you kind of pick up and love,” Neshkova said.

Years later, she continues doing what she loves. She has had many art pieces in the art show throughout the years, and will have something in the upcoming art show.  Pernell put one of Neshkova’s drawings in the show due to her talent and hard work.

“I always incorporate my own style into drawings no matter if I mean to or not,” Neshkova said.  

Neshkova loves drawing, but doesn’t want to pursue it as a career. She says that having it as a hobby or a small second job is a definite possibility.

As for senior Shelby Hunt, she does both painting and drawing, but painting is her favorite. Hunt is in the middle of one of her many pieces that will be presented at the art show. She’s enjoying creating this piece at the moment because it’s not one that she used a picture to recreate or copy. She got to use her own design that she thought of.

Hunt is able to express her feelings through her art by the pictures and colors she uses. Growing up with her four sisters who were always writing, drawing, painting or just anything, Hunt caught on and joined the loop. Her mother gave her and her sisters supplies and loved watching them develop their own style of things, according to Hunt.

“I like the colors and I feel like there’s a lot of possibilities with painting,” Hunt said.

Hunt doesn’t see painting as a career for her because she wouldn’t make a lot of money. Maybe just a hobby like Neshkova.