Need prom advice?

Courtney Russell, Reporter

Where to begin? The dress, the shoes, the dazzling jewels, makeup, hair, nails and transportation? The tux, the shoes, corsage, hair, cologne and looking for a place to eat that is not overly expensive but is fancy? Fortunately, there are SHS students that have some prior prom experience and tips for those who are confused or frustrated with prom plans.

According to SHS Prom committee member and junior, Taylor Kincaid, the school will be supplying cuisine this year. This is helpful that way there is no panic of where to eat before or after the event, unless it is something a student is yearning to do.

Kincaid looks forward to dressing in formal wear and spending the evening with her friends. However, she panics when it comes to frantically putting together every precise, last-minute detail to make the night everything she hoped it to be.

“The best part of prom is getting to dress up and go out with friends and have fun,” Kincaid said. “And I would say the worst part is being stressed out over every little detail, so just let it fall into place and it will be close to perfect.”

Junior Dylan Shaffer suggests not worrying about other people and to live up the night. Shaffer says that for transportation, he and his friends all contribute money and pile into one car. Him and his friends would rather not take a limo because it is too costly, and they just don’t really want one.

“We are broke high school students,” Shaffer said. “So for transportation we throw $30 in my car and we are on our way.”  

After prom, Shaffer suggest steering clear of some after parties, because he says that they can get out of hand. He included that him and his friends just go hang out and enjoying the time with one another.

“Go and let your guard down and have fun,” Shaffer said. “Enjoy the night with friends because high school is not for forever.”