SHS teachers plan a day just for seniors

Jordan Jones, Reporter

SHS has offered a day dedicated to the upperclassmen of the school for many years. The upperclassmen that are preparing for their graduation at the end of the school, are invited to the senior field and picnic day. The day is offered as a day for seniors to spend together, to have the chance to play some games outside and have a class picnic.

“It’s one of the last events of my high school career so I think I should go,” senior Kaylee Collins said.

Since there is nothing to compare the day to, Collins says that she is looking forward to the day and is expecting it to be something like the field day that was held at the end of her eighth grade year at Southport Middle School.

“We all went outside and we could play basketball or football or soccer and they had face painting and I specifically remember facing Aaron LaRussa on this blow up jousting ring,” Collins said.

Senior field day, this year is being planned by Social Studies teacher Brian Duggar. The day itself has not all been planned out, but Duggar has said that the day should contain some of the activities from previous years. Things that have been offered in previous years include cornhole, softball and basketball. While the day does offer these activities for seniors to participate in, Duggar says that the day is for seniors to celebrate the end of high school and to hang out with all of their friends before graduation.

    The day is scheduled on the right day for its purpose, on May 29th, the exact day before graduation, and is to be held at Sports Park.