Fast food workers can’t fix your problems


Courtney Russell, Reporter

Being on the opposite side of the counter is not always a pleasant experience, this coming from someone who deals with it on a regular basis. I’ve been employed in the fast food industry for approximately three months now, and running the drive-thru solo is what I do during the majority of my time at work. Racing against the clock to get the deep fried foods out the window, along with the last minute condiments, which are normally asked for right before the person drives off, is sometimes a struggle.

Working drive-thru or cashier is not always a pain, but sometimes you get those real special guests who make you want to rip your hair out because of how irrational they behave. There are just some things you should take the time to realize before your face turns red and your vocals are turned up to 10 because of the things that cashiers, most of the time, cannot control.

I get it, normally people choose restaurants like McDonald’s or Wendy’s because they want quick service. This, however, is not always possible. Fast food isn’t always as quick as people expect it to be. Sometimes things stop working, food is not always up when it is needed, and some foods take longer to cook than others. So, when the cashier tells you that you might have to wait a few minutes, or pull forward to the designated waiting area, do not get mad. The food will be out to you as soon as possible.

I can assure you that cashiers do not get to pick the prices of the items on the menu. Therefore, there is no reason to get roll your eyes, huff, puff or anything similar. Extra sauces are going to cost 25 cents no matter what kind of hateful remarks you make. It is unnecessary for you to complain about it to someone who’s not going to be able to fix the issue. If you do not like the prices, then find somewhere else to eat. It’s a simple solution.

It is understandable that there are some mishaps at a fast food restaurant, especially when they are trying to provide swift service. People make mistakes. Sometimes they forget one chicken strip. Maybe your food had something on it that it was not supposed to. These things are just mistakes, but they can easily be fixed. There is no need to be so cranky when you come up to the counter or come back through the drive-thru. It does not fix your food whatsoever. It makes the whole situation a lot easier for everyone if you stay calm and collective.

So next time you go through a drive through and have to wait an extra three minutes, take time to realize that there are many things that could have gone wrong. The workers are trying their best to get you your order as soon as possible, so be kind.