Advice for underclassmen


Fibi Kim

Tial Par nih underclassmen pawl hnenah thucahnak le duhsak nak thawn thu pawl an sim rero lai mi a si. Tial Par giving advice to underclassmen.

Chhan Mawi, Reporter

As the school year is about to end, students, especially seniors, are excited for graduation. However, senioritis is so common that some seniors might face difficulties getting full credits in every class if they missed school a lot and did not have enough credits for their graduation plan. So, it will be nice to know what to do and not to do throughout high school years.
Seniors at SHS, including Jacklyn Boyer, Ahbisak Chin, Emma Friar, and Tial Par are part of National Honor Society and they are awarded  Academic Letters for maintaining a GPA above 3.5 for seven semesters.  Boyer, Friar, and Par won STARS award, which is given to the top 20 of the senior class and Principal Award for being top 5% of the class of 2016.
These seniors said it wasn’t like they try to be in top 20 list or preparing to get these awards. However, they tried really hard in school to get good grades and took weighted classes such as AP, DC, and Honor classes and keep their their grades as high as possible..
Boyer said, “the awards are nice since they kinda help with the motivation and get appreciated for my work, but it is not like I really wanna get that award.” Boyer is top 2 and she also won Athletic award, Alumni Scholarship and English department award.
These seniors, Boyer, Chin, Friar, and Par are not just  tried hard at school work, but they involved in many activities such as Cardinal Cadre, Riley Dance Marathon, Key Club, Peers Project, Green Earth, International Club, BACI, and different Church activities. On top of doing community services, most of them participate in sport including soccer, swimming, and volleyball.
Boyer, Par and Chin agreed that the activities they involved and getting good grades help to get scholarships because the providers wants to see a student who can do both academic and extracurricular activities. A lot of scholarships are offered for students who involve in athlete and also keep certain grade point average.
However, it was different for Friar.
“[Being in top 20] looks good on college application, but I don’t think it really helps me to get scholarships,” Friar said. “Some scholarship are awarded for [community services] but I don’t think that really play into me either.”
Friar is planning to go to Purdue University and explore tourist study guide to find the field and major that best work for her. Chin will join Marion University while Boyer and Par are going to Butler University. Boyer plan to study Psychology and Criminology, paring them both, because she always interested with human mind and behaviors and wanted to help coping and cut the bad things to happen. Par planned to study Pharmacy because she was interested in pharmacy.
“I heard that Butler is one of the best pharmacy schools in Indianapolis. Although it’s private University and expenditures, I wanna go there and study what I love at one of the best Pharmacy,” Par said. She thinks the Morton Finney scholarship and the  Admission Scholarship she got from Butler will cover most of her College cost.
These seniors had come this far because of their own motivation.
“The secret to succeed in high school, as for chin people, is what motivated us the most which would be our  past history like where we came from and our parent. We want to make them proud. We want to offer ourselves and our family a better future. So that I try really really hard and get a really good career so that I could provide a comfortable future for my family. That’s the motivation that makes me, try hard in school.”

As like everyone else, Emma’s success includes a lot of hard work. She did all  home work, finishing on-time and ask questions if needed. Unlike Par, Boyer’s secret might be being passionate about learning. Boyer said, “If you are really passionate about something, nothing can stop you from succeeding.”
As a senior, Boyer wants to  give advise underclassmen to study and push through it.
“School work is hard but you learn it on the way how to develop skills that help you and make things easier, like you always gonna be challenging stuff, but I think that’s all part of the process, so it will prepare for your life,” Boyer said. “So, continue to study and work hard and ask a lot of questions because the teachers are always there for you to help.”
Chin said “You have to do your job with persistence, then put complete trust in God, only then you will be ready to say “ I am done, “ confidently.”
For underclassmen, there’s a lot of temptations. Tial said, “friends can sometimes be the person who wants to lead away from the path that you want to be on. But, I feel like we should always remember who we are and what our goal is and never stay away from give up on our goal.”
Emma said, “It is so easy when you are underclassmen and just lacks off and not doing your work because you don’t want to. But, you really can’t do that. It will affect you in the long run. So you really need to do all of your work and get it done on time. And if you don’t understand, go get the help and teachers will help you out. So, just do all of your work and challenge yourself and maybe take harder classes and stuff that you good at so that you can really reach your full potential.”