Trump won’t be knocked off this wall

Trump’s Mexican-border immigration plan ‘set-in stone’

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Donald Trump and his stances on immigrants in America have led to a boom in the real-estate business in Canada. Image from

Madison Gomez, Reporter

Donald Trump’s policies on immigrants “are too harsh and inhumane,” according to officials at the EU conference, in June. If elected, the Republican candidate promises to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants, resulting in removing 28.9 percent of the United States’ population. Once they’re out, Trump pledged to build a wall to keep them in their own country, saying “if they are not legal, they are not a true U.S. citizen.” The wall would stretch across the Mexican border, which is around 1,933 miles, and cost a mere $25 million. It’s estimated that he’d only need 24 more small loans from his father to completely pay for the wall. But, according to Trump, Mexico is supposed to pay for it instead.
“We have no problem paying for it…luckily for us, that will never happen,” Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, said in an interview with CNN. “No one could ever be that ignorant, moronic or even idiotic to believe in this guy’s solution.”
Following up on Nieto’s statement, members from multiple presses demanded for Trump to reiterate on why he thinks the wall is necessary to fix the immigration issue in America . At first, Trump felt no need to explain himself. But, his campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, convinced him otherwise, saying that it if he just told the truth to the public once more, it would boost his votes and popularity come November.
“(Mexican citizens) have a book published, a pamphlet, whatever you want to call it, on how to sneak into our country, illegally,” Trump said. “It involves who to contact, where’s the best spots to cross at, and how to find a place to stay if you do make it across… I cannot believe Obama has been letting these aliens in for so long.”
The pamphlet Trump mentioned was published in 2005 by a group called “The Sneakers” who desired money from anyone they could get it from. While it does contain the information Trump stated, many issues that were detrimental to the U.S. have been resolved from this document in 11 years. So, his statement of justification was not considered relevant by most of the public, as shown in a nation-wide poll on Not to mention, Trump’s questioning of current President Barack Obama’s calls for reinforcing the border has crossed a few lines. For that, the press have been hitting him hard. They’ve been making headlines regarding Trump daily since his declaration, and it has caught the attention of Obama seeing his name mentioned many times in these headlines.
“Whatever happens this November will be frightening,” Obama said to the Wall Street Journal. “I can tell you for an absolute fact that once I’m out of the White House, I’m moving to Canada.”