Aid provided out of class


Hailey Boger

English teacher Josh Brown helps senior Skylar Clark during iPass on Sept. 1.

Hailey Boger, Reporter

Students looking for help outside of class, be it homework, essays or even college applications, don’t have to look far. SHS teachers, such as English teacher Josh Brown, offer assistance outside of class for students in need.

“I think when a student needs help, sometimes they’re afraid to ask for help, or they don’t know how to ask,” Brown said.

He also believes that many students don’t know of resources they can go to when they need help.

During iPass, Brown holds a writing lab where students can get help with writing assignments, homework or just writing in general. The lab is not restricted to just his students. It’s open to everyone in the school. Brown also offers help to students before or after school if they are unable to attend during iPass.

He believes it is important to pay attention and attend to the needs of students.

“Teachers have busy lives, and it’s something that needs to be intentional,” Brown said. “I think teachers get caught up in extracurriculars and other things, so it’s easy to lose sight of who needs the extra help.”

English teacher Amy Peddie is another teacher that offers help to students outside of class. She holds a senior iPass meeting every black day, where seniors can be helped with college applications and applying for scholarships. Primarily it is for students who don’t know how the college application process works or students whose parents don’t speak English.

“I just noticed that the guidance office didn’t have time to walk them individually through the process of applying to college,” Peddie said. “So I started doing this.”

Peddie also offers help after school since the process is too long to complete in one iPass session.

Aside from iPass, students have several other options to get the help they need outside of class. Most SHS teachers are willing to stay before or after school in order to help a student. There’s also a Math Lab at SHS.