Changes in the football program


Madelyn Knight

Winters coaching in the game against Perry Meridean. We won 48-14.

The football team will be a little different, this year. Coach Peebles, who was here for 11 years, ended his coaching career at Southport last year. Coach Winters, who has been here for 11 years, has become the new head coach. When asked how different the team and season will be, Winters and the team captains responded with various answers. They ranged from “no more donuts,” to things being exactly the same. But with a new head coach, the aspects of the team are bound to change.

Winters thinks that the biggest change is that he expects more from his players.

“Some things that I’d like to see us do better off the field are: I’d like to see our grades improve a little bit, and I’d like to see our discipline issues in the building get a little bit better.”

According to senior Jalen Williams, Winters is trying to get them ready for life outside of school.

“It’s not about football, it’s about life as well,” Williams said.

When some of the players were asked what they thought the biggest change was, they replied with close to the same thing: “Winters focuses more on defense”.

It makes sense because he was, and still is, the head coordinator for defense. Winters also believes that he has no reason to change the offense because they are doing well with coach Duggar.

“Our offensive coaches do a really good job, and I don’t really feel the need to hang over them; I kind of let them do their thing,” Winters said.

When the players were asked if they would miss their previous coach they responded with sincerity. They will miss Coach Peebles but know that the change brings an exceptional, new coach.

“The change is a win, win,” Williams explained.

The players do feel sad that Peebles has left, and they will certainly miss Coach Peebles bringing donuts to practice. But, they know that they have a new Coach that will lead them in the right direction for many years to come.

“I am determined and yeah, I am hopeful [for this season]” Williams proclaimed.

Although the first game hit them with a hard loss, they are ready to get back up and fight. They will remain positive throughout the season.

“They have done well. We lost the tough first game. We thought we controlled most of the game [but] we didn’t make enough plays near the end. They have been working hard and remaining positive,” Winters said.

This clearly shows that the Cards will not be shaken by the change of coaches but rather use it to their advantage. The other schools won’t see them coming.