Collins constructs new atmosphere


Madeline Steward

Senior Emma Dehart crosses a fishers defender.

Madelyn Knight, Reporter

The girls basketball team has started the season off to a win against Fishers High School and a loss to Hamilton Southeastern High School on Saturday, Nov. 5. After a strong season last year, which ended them up in the sectional championship, the girls have experienced several obstacles, and expectations, one being the girls’ new coach, Bart Collins.

The past two seasons were spent with head coach Matt Seifers, who is now coaching at Bedford North Lawrence High School. Bart Collins, who was the prior coach at Arlington High School, has now stepped in to lead the team during this season.

Despite the new coaching staff, Freije says that the team is adapting well. She describes Collin’s coaching style as more defense oriented and that they are given plays that can be run over and over.

“I think we are getting along with them well and I think it’s helping,” junior Lindsay Freije said. “I think we are starting to get the hang of it.”

Junior Tiana Wright thinks that the new coaching staff has benefitted them. She says that Collins is really nice and believes the drills he runs during practice are helping the girls improve as a team. She also described a different, more fast paced, atmosphere during training.

“Last year they were focused on certain people, but this year he [Collins] focuses on everyone,” Wright said.

Similarly to Wright, JV player, sophomore Anna Kendrick, says that the atmosphere with Coach Collins has changed. Although she’s not on Varsity, Kendrick works during preseason with the new coach and is able to observe how he works with the varsity during practice. She says that Collins focuses less on conditioning and more on game-like practice. Despite describing Collins as “less intense,” she says there is a little set back mentally, because of the lack of time to adapt to Collins.

“It was kind of hard at first, because we didn’t get that much transition time for the new coach,” Kendrick said. “But, I think we’re getting used to it.”

Although a new coach has taken over for the girl’s basketball team, Freije, Wright and Kendrick all think that a new style with help their team excel and grow.

“Now that we are starting to click with it, I think it’s going to work and be good for us.” Freije said.