Football season recap


Sakuya Uehara, Reporter

According to coach Brandon Winters, the football team isn’t satisfied with their result of the 2016 season, but with a winning record of 5-4 Winters believes they still had a successful season.

“We didn’t win as many as games as we had hoped to,” Winters said. “But I think we did a really good job.”

The Cardinals beat Perry Meridian twice this season. The first game against the Falcons,  which was during the regular season on Sept. 2, was the most memorable moment of the season, according to Winters.

“We lost our first two games, and sometimes when it happens, people lose their confidence,” Winters said. “But we were able to come back and win that game (against Perry Meridian).”

The other victory against Perry Meridian was on the Sectional on Oct. 28.