News Brief: Indiana country predicts new president again


Photo from Wiki Commons

Vigo County has correctly predicted who will be the next president for the past 128 years, except twice.

Madison Gomez, Reporter

On the western border of Indiana, a small county of only 108,000 residents, Vigo County, has predicted who will win the presidential election for the past 128 years with two exceptions. The county has only been wrong about the results in 1888 and 1952, other than that, they have been right about every future President of the United States.

WTHR 13 went on an investigation of how Vigo County is able to predict the results. In the article written by Rich Van Wyk, he found that the way the town predicts the winner is having a mini-voting session, where anyone can cast their ballots. Eventually, the ballots were counted and on Dec. 4 2015, Vigo County’s citizens, as shown by their ballots, thought Trump would win.