Durant’s itchy ring finger to strike again

Hoopster’s quest for bling may lead to shortened retirements


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Kevin Durant is pictured leaving a jewelery store after perusing the rings on Dec. 6, 2016. it’s assumed that after Durant came up empty there, he started strongly considering other options.

In a Golden State Warriors’ press conference after their win against the Indiana Pacers, Warriors’ forward Kevin Durant announced that if the Golden State does not win the NBA championship this season, he will continue his hunt for a championship ring elsewhere.
Some people have started to think that Durant has already began that search. On Dec. 6, 2016, paparazzi spotted him at Gioelleria Athmosfera browsing through all of the ring cases. When the reporters approached him, they first asked if he was looking for a ring for a special girl and Durant playfully laughed and replied with a simple “no.” Then, reporter Justin Shock made a simple joke and Durant blew up.
“All I did was make a joke and ask ‘were you looking for your ring in there?’ and then he punched my photographer and yelled ‘no comment,’” Shock said.
His search for a championship ring probably won’t end well if he keeps hitting up jewelry stores in the mall, so there is a chance that he will break his two-year contract and go to a different super team. His agent Shawn Carter (more commonly known as Jay-Z) has talked about some of the options Durant has been considering.
“Kevin is a dog on the court, man, and he needs his ring ASAP,” Carter said. “So, if he doesn’t get it this year with this team, he gonna move on. you feel me? We’ve been talking and he (Durant) thinks that if this squad don’t give him what he needs then he gonna move to another super team like the 1996 Bulls or the Monstars.”
Both of those teams have expressed extreme interest in signing Durant. Monstars’ head coach Swackhammer Jones has offered Durant a four-year, $150 million contract to join star point guard Nawt James and the eight-foot center, Blanko Allen.
Coach of the 1996 Chicago Bulls Phil Jackson said he is glad to bring the team back together to try to get Durant his ring, but the age of the players might cause problems.
“You know, when you have and bunch of 50-year olds playing against kids fresh out of college, there might be some problem,” Jackson said. “But, I think we could work around it.”
However, the 1996 Bulls will only offer a contract to Durant if Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr joins the team as well. That shouldn’t be a problem because Kerr seems unable to hold his anticipation in.
“I have been wanting to go against Stephen Curry for a very long time now… It’s time to show the kid who the real splash brother is,” Kerr said.
Aside from Durant’s desire for a ring, experts have a different idea for his thoughts of leaving the Warriors. Durant played for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2015-2016 NBA season, which ended when the Thunder blew a 3-1 lead against the Warriors in the conference finals. After the conference final comeback, the Warriors turned around and lost a 3-1 lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers, so NBA analysts Ray Smith and Taylor Anne both say that maybe the reason Durant is thinking of leaving the Warriors is because he realized that he recently left his team because of loosing a 3-1 lead to join another team who also blew a 3-1 lead.