Time can never mend…

Students and teachers “struggle” to mourn the loss of celebs in 2016


Logan Flake

Senior Emily Nettick is caught being “totally uber emotional” while reading tweets about George Michael’s death. Nettick proceeded to explain to multiple different users who Michael even was after looking it up herself minutes prior.

Despite the conspiracy theories and hopes of thousands across the globe, celebrities die. Just like everyone else, they are people too, and they are just as susceptible to the common cold as they are to many other forms of death, including old age. Reactions to death over the years have been slowly increasing at a rate of 72 percent, according to Dr. Derin Lepard of R.E.A.L University. With technological advances across the world, there are huge surges on the internet and various social media sites whenever a popular star dies.
A study done in the central region of the southernmost province within the upper right sector of the modern district in the United States shows that after popular star Carrie Fisher died on Dec. 27 of last year, social media had a huge spike of 94.8 percent. The well-known social media site, Twitter almost crashed as it erupted with tweets with the hashtag, #MayTheForceBeWithHer.
A similar occurrence happened on Dec. 25th of 2016 when 53-year-old English singer, songwriter and record producer George Michael died, and social media experienced a similar spike.
Twitter has been littered with photos of Michael and the sobs of thousands of teens.
“Goerge Michale changed my life,” senior Emily Nettick tweeted. “He will be with me always in my heart. #rip”
Farther down in Nettick’s timeline, one of her tweets from the 17th can be found asking another Twitter user who Michael was.
Many fans have posted nonstop, and the loss has been carrying on through tweets and photos incessantly for over three weeks. This is the longest mourning period of a death compared to any other star. More and more people are starting to tweet and post about Michael and how much he had affected their lives.
Freshman Sung Takh said that Michael’s hit song “Anaconda” in 2014 introduced her to a new style of music that is, now, all she listens to.
“I used to always listen to classical and broadway,” Takh said. “But Michael’s ‘Anaconda’ really opened up my music tastes. It made me feel something. It says exactly what I’m feeling literally all the time”
Due to these recent tragedies, SHS has opened up death support groups after school on Tuesdays in student services for students who are still coping with these deaths. Guidance counselors have also opened up their offices for more hours during the day so students that have breakdowns during the day if need be.
Sophomore Nick Wallace has gone down to Briana Underwood every odd period since school started on Jan. 2 to escape.
“When I’m in class,” Wallace said. “Some words trigger me to start thinking of Michael’s song ‘Faith,’ and I can’t focus on anything else.”
Wallace has been falling behind in his classes due to this occurrence. When asked about other songs by Michael, he struggled to come up with the names.
“Well,” Wallace said. “I really like his song…I just really like ‘Faith’ it’s just a….classic. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just good. You know? ”
Searches for Michael and Michael facts on the SHS internet has gone up by exactly 64.78 percent. According to Nettick, there have been multiple Michael fact accounts on Instagram and Twitter, although she doesn’t admit to following any.
Honors algebra teacher Hamelyn Sanley is currently in the process of renting the billboard on Shelby and US 31 crossing to express the failure he feels for not being able to save Michael. Sanley felt that Michael was his responsibility he considered them to be so close.
“I knew everything about George,” Sanley said. “He was my best friend, and I will never move on from his death.”
According to Sanley’s wife, Michelle, Sanley hadn’t mentioned Michael before his death on the 25th. Apparently he hadn’t even had one song of George Michael’s downloaded until a couple days after Michael’s death.
Beginning on the 27th, SHS will be starting support groups for students who fear the death of any more beloved celebrities that are getting older as we speak. The most popular celebrities the student body fears will die are Bob Barker age 93, Morgan Freeman age 79 and Betty White age 94.
Takh gets crippling anxiety at the mere mention of these celebrities and their age. She is unable to complete any task asked of her for the time span of 3 minutes and exactly 34 seconds.
“To calm myself down,” Takh said. “I have to watch the Youtube video where Morgan Freeman narrates the ‘Life’ documentary.”