Students participate in Snowcoming


Contributed by Sebastian Perez.

Sophomore Sebastian Perez (right) poses with his sister, Sandra Perez who is now a senior. During his first year at SHS, he attended his first dance.

Justin Magbanua, Ben Miller, Juan Lopez , Reporters

With Snowcoming just around the corner, nearly 200 SHS students were surveyed to see what is to be expected for this long-awaited event. Students shared memories of last year´s dance and talked about the music and dance for this year´s Snowcoming Dance.

The Snowcoming dance will be held tomorrow, Feb. 11, in the East Gym. It starts at 8 p.m., will continue until 10:30 p.m., and costs $5 to enter. There will be music, dancing and even a concession stand toward the front of the entrance that provides snacks for guests with extra cash.

Most students who were surveyed and attended  last  year’s dance had favorable comments regarding Snowcoming. According to the poll,  87.5 percent  liked it, thought it was well put together and/or said the the music was good.

“The dance was a lot of fun, and there was lots of dancing,” sophomore Sebastian Perez said.  

In agreement with Perez, junior Marcus Mangus said “The Snowcoming dance was lit,  and the music was good.”

It also seems that a lot of the students have high hopes and expectations for this year’s celebration, explaining that they would like to see more of their peers on the dance floor.

According to the survey, many of the students believe that one of the ways to have more people dance is to play more of their favorite music. The vote for most desired music genres to play at Snowcoming can be divided into four categories: Country, Trap/Hip-Hop/Rap, Slow dance, and Other. The Other category would include music such as Rock and Roll, Techno music, and, surprisingly, Christmas music. The survey’s results are as follows: Trap/Hip-Hop/Rap came in first in the survey with 52.40%, Other music  in second place with 32.62%, Country in third with 9.09%, and lastly came Slow Dance music with only 5.88% of the student’s votes.

While some students will be coming alone to the event, many students are dragging their friends to Snowcoming by going in groups or with a date. Just under 75% of the students interviewed said that they would not be arriving alone. Students who are coming by themselves are going to meet friends at the dance. The night is sure to be full of fun, because there will be plenty of dancing.

The chances of picking out a non-dancing person from this group of interviewees would be very hard. There were very few students who had responded that they would not be dancing, less than 10%, in fact. Dancing is an obvious staple for many of the students and the question (“Do you plan on dancing?”) was given one simple answer for the most part. The general response from the interviewees was “Yeah, duh.”

After last year’s Snowcoming, both Senior Micah Walker and Sophomore Cory Mulinaro made very positive comments about their experience.

“From what I can remember, I had a fun time,  and I do not regret going, .” Micah Walker said, “I hope this year lives up to last year.”

“I really liked last year’s Snowcoming, I had a fun time and can’t wait to go this year,” Mulinaro said.

Hopefully, Snowcoming will be a memorable night for each student and each will leave with a memory of something that he or she loved about the dance  and will have a good night,  regardless of their expectations. And though many of them may not realize it, in the big picture, all of them will be supporting Southport pride and spirit simply by going. Come to Snowcoming tomorrow to have a fun, exciting Saturday night!