News Brief: Southport to revitalize abandoned lot


Madeline Steward

No one has used this abandoned lot on Southport Road for a few years. The city is hoping to revitalize the land in months to come.

Madison Gomez, Reporter

The city of Southport is planning to purchase the area near Gerdt Furniture and Sophia’s Bridal on 2110 E. Southport Road to expand the community and repair the area.

Duane Langreck, President of the Redevelopment Commission for the city of Southport, says that old Gerdt Furniture building is going to have 300 people working in it by the end of the summer to turn it into office spaces. Langreck says he wants to create a sense of community by rebuilding houses and even taking suggestions from the community as to what should be built in the area.

“Southport High School is not directly in the Southport area, but we’d like to think that you’re a part of our community,” Langreck said.

Langreck wants to know what kinds of places students tend to go to before big games at SHS, so that they can build places like that in the area. If anyone has any suggestions or any buildings that they want to see on the new land that the city of Southport closed the deal on, contact Langreck at [email protected].