Review: ‘Table 19’ lacks plot

Madelyn Knight , Reporter

In the world of romantic comedy stand alone movies, the number of them has been dropping at an increasing rate. People want to savor the feel-goodness of watching their favorite couples progress through three to five movies, or better yet, an entire television series. That’s why when I saw the trailer for “Table 19,” I was super excited to see it, however I left the theater a little confused.

Anna Kendrick stars as Eloise, a girl who’s trying to convince herself she’s not in love with her ex-boyfriend, who also happens to be the best man of her old best friends wedding. Confusing, I know. She starts off the movie battling whether or not she should even go. After scribbling out her answer on her RSVP card several times, and even burning it, she goes to the wedding.

There she meets five people, who are sitting at table 19 with her. They soon discover that table 19 is code for ‘the people we don’t care about’. Some at the table don’t really care, while others, such as the bride’s old nanny, are offended.

This is where the movie gets confusing. It goes from being a misfit’s crusade, to a fated adventure, to a feel-good “at least we have each other” film, back to a love story. I was lost on what the goal was. Was Eloise meant to fall in love with someone else or rekindle her feelings for her ex? Was she supposed to denounce love altogether and just be happy as a friend of a couple of misfits? I didn’t know.

Despite the confusion, my favorite part about the movie was not the acting or script, but the filming. Interesting angles, a unique perspective and by keeping the camera trained on the members of table 19, makes the audience feel just as isolated and in the corner as they do.

That’s the problem, up until the last two scenes of the movie, you aren’t sure what the point is. Okay, they went to wedding, they had a horrible time, so now what? The cast was stacked with standouts such as Kendrick, Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow and others, but they weren’t able to shine as well as they should have.